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Floor Type:                 Strand Woven Bamboo
Color:                 Pearl White (Stained)
Grain:                  Fossilized
Plank Length:                 36 inches
Plank width:                3-5/8 inches
Plank Thickness:               10mm
Sqft./Box:              16.3 Sq.Ft
Finish:              11 coat durability sealing system
Janka Rating:              5,000 lbs
Resin Type:              Super E0, No added urea formaldehyde
Residential warranty:              Limited Life Time Warranty
Commercial warranty:              15 yrs
Plank Moisture content:              6-8%
Installation Method:              Float
Fire Rating:              Class 1


SKU: 814512024719

– Real Bamboo
– Eco-Friendly
– Low Emission Adhesive
– Float
– Premium Finish
– Limited Lifetime Warranty

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